Chapter One Restaurant Kent COVID19 guidelines

AA Covid Confident Accreditation.

We are obviously very excited to open our doors again and we will do our utmost to offer you a fantastic experience.

The government and local authorities have been very clear on how we can operate and we would like to highlight a few guidelines:

1. All hospitality business are required, by the authorities, to collect contact details of all guests. As the host, you therefore need to be able to provide Chapter One Restaurant, on request, with no delay, all contact details of all members of your party who visited our premises;

2. We do not entertain a cloakroom and we will not be able to look after personal belongings. Please, refrain from bringing, party materials (balloons etc.), home-made cakes etc. to the restaurant;

3. It is with regret, at this moment in time, that we cannot allow children under the age of 10 in the restaurant. In the future, there may be very limited spaces available in the brasserie on certain days only, but in all cases, children are not allowed to move from their seat. Buggies, prams, etc. are not allowed on the premises at all times. If guidelines change we will update this website.

4. By entering our premises, you confirm that you nor any members of your party, have symptoms that could indicate being infected by COVID-19 or any other infectious viruses or bacteria;

5. We cannot accept cash payments;

6. A risk assessment has been completed and documented to demonstrate that we have looked at all COVID-19 hazards within the business and have introduced controls in order to operate safely;

7. Please adhere to the Social Distancing guidelines;

8. When entering the restaurant please use our hand sanitising station erected at the main entrance;

9. One person at the time can use the toilet. A 'vacant/engaged' sign will be put in place soon. You will need to move the slide on entering the toilet and sliding it back when leaving. A hand sanitising unit has been placed in front of the toilet too;

10. Wellness checks are completed daily for all staff members and anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from the workplace;

11. Enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, particularly for hand contact surfaces and in the toilet areas, using chemicals which are effective against viruses.

12. We will use disposable menus. The complete wine and cocktail lists are available through the use of QR code on the menu.