Hints & Tips

Holding a private function in Kent

The first point to say is that there are lots of different ways a function can be hosted at this venue and we need to understand from you what you want to achieve after all we are representing you and hosting the function on your behalf.

Here are a list of things you need to consider obviously some may not be relevant to all types of function:

What time would you like to eat?
Have you got any vegetarians, diabetics or other special dietary requirements ie coeliacs etc?
Are any children attending the function are they going to have the same menu as the adults?
How long would you like for your reception drinks - the average is 1-2 hours before dining

What drinks do you want for your reception - here's a choice of a few

Champagne reception, with or without the bar to be open for any other drinks ordered
Wine reception with or without the bar to be open for any other drinks ordered
The bar to be open so people can choose whatever drink they like
Cash bar (ie guests pay for their own drinks)
Tea & coffee upon arrival (possible option for funeral receptions)

Which wines would you like served with your meal - red and white?

Do you want the wine to be free flowing ie we keep the wine flowing.
Or a certain amount allocated and then we will have a quiet word to let you know if you reach the allocation so you can let us know whether you want to carry on.
Or a certain amount allocated and once it is all gone then that is it.

Does the bar stay open throughout?

Do you want mineral waters - still & sparkling, or jugs of tap water
Are you having a Champagne toast after the meal
Would you like us to offer your guests an after-dinner liqueur
Do you want the wine to carry on being served after the meal has finished?
Do you want the bar to stay open after the meal has finished

What sort of seating plan do you want?

  • Boardroom (up to 18 people)
  • Horseshoe (up to 24 people)
  • Round tables (up to 50 people)

What sort of music do you want played?

We have a mixed selection of gentle background music, ie classical, jazz etc but you are welcome to bring your own CD or ipod remember the music cannot be too loud.

Are you having a formal seating plan?

We can type up the seating plan and write all the place cards
Would you like a message to be added on your menu ie 'Welcome and thank you for joining us on the celebration of...'

Do you want any special flowers to be organised?

We provide artificial flowers in the room, but if you want something special we are happy to organise it for you.

Are you having a cake?

Are we providing it or you are welcome to provide your own If it is a birthday is the cake a surprise. When would you like it served with a Champagne toast? or with coffee?

For weddings specifically what shape is your cake - so we can organise the cake stand.

Are you having speeches?

Would you like us to hold the bride and groom back and formally announce you Are we presenting flowers to mothers/bridesmaids etc.